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About TJ

Hi everyone, welcome to my SideXSide Xcessory website. Riding has always been a passion of mine as long as I can remember. I’ve watched in amazement as technology has improved and changed the motor sports world and continues to do so at record pace. I love to try new products and accessories that keep me and my machines up on the latest and greatest trends.

Growing up in a small town in Northeastern Utah, I had an amazing opportunity to ride pretty much whenever I wanted. I remember getting an off-highway vehicle license (OHV) while riding my early 80’s model XR100. One of my test questions was, “Is it ok to operate an OHV while under the influence?” I put “Yes!” I didn’t know what that meant! Anyways, I later started riding sport quads (first a Honda 300EX and later a Yamaha Raptor 700R) and I loved showing to 4X4 guys that I could go anywhere they could. Riding was a huge part of my life.

Downfall to living in a small town

When it came to getting the latest gear or accessories, our small town made it difficult to get, or even know about, what new and exciting things were available. We could buy the latest issue of Dirt Wheels Magazine and see some of the fun, new accessories, but we didn’t know where to buy them. Thank goodness for the internet.

Sure, the internet existed, but we didn’t really buy stuff online yet. Plus, my family was a little behind the times when it came to having the new technology and my dad was not about to let me buy something without first seeing it! Now, the ease of the internet has brought new challenges to buying those cool new accessories, there are too many choices!


I’ve continued to have a passion for riding and getting the fun, new accessories that are on the market. And now, with UTVs, there’s more awesome accessories than ever. In fact, there are so many that it can be overwhelming.

I created this website to share my love for riding with others and help other riders find information and reviews on the latest and greatest accessories for their side by sides. Within this site you will find details, reviews and comparisons on great products and where you can buy them to make your side by side stand out or out-ride anyone on your next adventure!



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