Best UTV Accessories – 5 Must Have Accessories

Whether you’ve just purchased a new UTV or you are looking to get into riding, one of the first things you’ll find is that there are a TON of accessories for these things. I’m sure you have a list of things you plan to add to your ride, but in case you don’t know where to start, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 must have accessories. There are sure to be other opinions about the best UTV accessories to start with, and I’d love to hear your favorites in the comments.

My list of top 5 accessories to improve your riding experience

1. Roof – Get yourself a little shade!

I know it sounds kind of funny that you should have to think about getting a roof, but most machine do not come with one. One hot day in the dunes or just out on the trail and you’ll see how importance a roof can be. Great for shade, a roof can also help keep you dry if mother nature turns the other way and decides to dump on you!

Roofs come in a few different materials including fabric, molded plastic and aluminum. One thing you will find in most accessories is that there are enough options for the most price conscious buyer as well as the all out spender who just wants the newest, baddest thing out there! So don’t hold back from protecting your melon just because you see an aluminum roof for $500. There are some fabric ones available for just over $100 that will protect you quite well from the elements


2. Windshield – Bugs in the eye do NOT feel good!

Windshields are one of the most common first purchases on new machines. Windshields help protect riders from wind, dust and other elements along with stopping the bugs from hitting your face at high speeds. You would be surprised how much pain a little grasshopper or dragonfly can cause when it hits you in the face at 50+ mph. There are many varieties to choose from including half or full windshields along with a few different materials like glass or poly-carbonate. When getting a windshield, you should also consider a rear windshield to help keep air from swirling back into the cab from behind. See more details in our windshield post here.

3. Skid Plate – The stock one just won’t cut it

Most UTVs come with a little something to protect the bottom side. However, some of them just aren’t enough to withstand the abuse that most of us submit them to. A good skid plate is essential to protect the engine and all the other components underneath, but simply protecting the frame is just as important. Skid plates, like all accessories, come in a variety of styles. Materials are typically aluminum or some type of polyethylene (plastic type material). Aluminum is very strong, but I prefer the plastic type material because it doesn’t hang up on rocks like the aluminum.

Aside from the main body skid plate, there are other components to consider getting protected. The trailing arms and front a-arms are prone to getting dented if not protected. Also, for the side frame, there are skid plates called rock guards or sliders to protect from the rocks that pop up unexpectedly while you’re focused on something else. Some of the full skid plates are made to wrap up the side and act as rock guards all in one!

Wildcat Skids Into Ravine

4. Tire Repair Kit and/or Spare Tire – Having both is best

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We’re going to say “and/or” on this one because I have been on many many rides without a spare tire and continue to ride without one occasionally. Having both is obviously the best, but It’s important to have have at least one of these items. I always have a repair kit along with an air pump. Most tire issues we have had were able to be fixed with a plug or two and some air. However, if I were to do any desert races or go on long rides without other riders (which I don’t really do) I would want to definitely have a spare too. Having both the spare and the repair kit is ideal, but space is often an issue when hauling a full side tire. For this reason many companies have made mounting systems that store the spare up and out of the way allowing the storage spaces to be used for bags, coolers or other storage.

5. Winch – Someone does something stupid… Winch to the rescue!

There’s always someone on our rides that thinks they can do the impossible and end up stuck or upside-down. Having a winch in these situations is invaluable. Winches are pretty simple, but you still have options as far as size and capacity. Most are at least 2000 lb. rated, but if you ride with many 4-seaters I would recommend at least a 3000 lb. winch. Most 4-seaters weigh just under 2000 lbs., so with a little gear and few people you could get closer to 3000 lb. pretty quick.


Final thoughts – Are these the best accessories for a new ride?

Really, there are a ton of ways to modify your new side by side, but these 5 accessories are sure to get you started and more comfortable while you decide on your next awesome addition. Of course deciding on the best UTV accessories depends on who you ask. I want to know what your “must have” accessories are. Please share in the comments!
Thanks for reading!


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