UTV Insurance Rates – How Much Should I Expect to Pay?

Along with all the other things to plan for when buying your UTV, you need to also plan for insurance. Insurance is one of those things none of us want to talk about, but is a very necessary because of the extreme cost of these UTVs. Many people will find themselves financing their UTV, so insurance will actually be required by your lien holder. Fortunately, utv insurance rates are not near as high as automobile insurance rates. Let’s talk about where you can get your insurance, what it covers and what types of coverage are available.

Which insurance companies offer UTV insurance?

Most of the time, your current auto insurance company is the easiest place to start looking for UTV insurance. There are many companies that offer insurance direct with their company. On the other hand, some companies partner with other carriers to offer UTV insurance for their customers. Regardless of the style your current insurance company uses, chances are they are set up to help you with your UTV insurance needs.

If you’re looking for an instant quote online, you may not have as many options. However, there are some companies that offer this. Some that are popular and that I like are Progressive, Esurance and Allstate. The companies that do not offer online quotes will still have UTV coverage, but you may need to talk to an agent to get that quote.

How much does it cost?

If you’re like me, insurance is like taxes. I only want to pay for what I have to pay for and not a penny more! Insurance is one of those necessary evils in life. When we need it, we’re happy we have it. The nice thing about UTV insurance is that it’s generally less expensive than most people think. Despite the value of these UTVs, the insurance cost is relatively low. Insurance companies do this because they assume UTVs are used much less often than an automobile and thus the likelihood of an accident is less likely. Seems kind of weird considering these are used off-road and in a more aggressive driving style, but whatever the insurance companies do is up to them.

As far as cost, I’ve seen some side by sides worth about $15K insured for about $150 per year and up to $450+ for a newer UTV valued closer to $25K. Obviously this is just one example, the insurance cost would vary based on insurance company and the UTV insured. The nice thing about using an insurance company that offers auto, home and UTV coverage is that you can set up one payment each month or year or however you prefer to pay. If your insurance company doesn’t offer UTV insurance directly, your payment will most likely be separate from your other insurance payments. This is not a huge deal, but something to consider.

Why do I need insurance for a UTV?

Well, for starters, if you have a loan on your UTV, you must have insurance to protect the lien holder in case of an accident. When your bank or credit union loans you money, they want to know that the money they’re lending is protected by something of value. Insurance does just that, insures that the asset is worth the money they have out even if it gets wrecked. Insurance will pay to fix or replace your side by side in the event of an accident just like with your automobile.

UTVs are primarily used off-road in extreme conditions, so the possibility of causing extreme damage is quite high and can be very expensive. Insurance gives you the peace of mind that your side by side can be returned to new condition without breaking the bank. Even if you don’t have a loan on your UTV, you may still want to look at having insurance due to the riding conditions and possibility of causing damage to your machine.

What type of coverage do I get?

Most insurance options for side by sides are similar to automobile coverages. You will have the options of adjusting your deductible, your coverage limits and deciding if you want full coverage or just liability. One thing to be aware of is that you can usually get more liability coverage for almost nothing. Most quotes I’ve looked at are the same price to double the liability coverage, so be sure to ask your agent or customize your plan before finalizing anything. There are many agents who don’t know much about UTV insurance, so if you don’t ask, they won’t even know to check that.

Liability only is insurance for other people that you hurt or other vehicle you damage. This will do nothing for your own UTV, so make sure you take this into consideration when deciding if you want just liability.

A few final tips when shopping for UTV insurance

When you’re shopping for UTV insurance quotes, be sure to check with multiple carriers. I have found prices for similar coverage that vary from $474 per year to over $700 per year. Don’t just settle for the first quote you get.

Another thing to be aware of: when you are looking for an online quote, you may have to start by selecting motorcycle insurance quote or ATV insurance quote. UTVs are still growing in popularity, but still small enough to be combined in other categories.

If you plan to use your UTV in town or on the pavement. You will want to talk to your agent to make sure your coverage will cover you while on public roads. You will also need a street legal kit for your UTV which we will cover in another post!

Thanks for reading! We hope this information is helpful for when you go to get your insurance. Let us know what you like or don’t like about your UTV insurance provider in the comments.

3 thoughts on “UTV Insurance Rates – How Much Should I Expect to Pay?”

  1. I never really thought about this topic until I come across your article. This is a very helpful article to consumers who has UTV like my uncle. I will share your site with him for sure! Thanks!

    1. Hi Kris,

      Yeah, insurance is a topic many of us don’t think about nor do we want to. Unfortunately, it’s necessary and important to keep in mind when planning a budget for a new UTV purchase.

      Thanks for the comment! Hopefully your uncle will find our website helpful!


  2. Thanks for the great insurance tips TJ! In my experience insurance companies are VERY pedantic when it comes to evaluating the risk/reward relationship of an insurance product. They don’t generally offer something that isn’t profitable. I bet they bunch these offroad UTVs up with golf carts and what not, which makes them appear safer and less accident prone. Or maybe there are less accidents and expensive repairs than it might seem on the first glance. No matter what the reason, that’s great new for us consumers! Unless the insurance terms are horrible of course… That’s why you should always read the fine print 🙂

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